Beauty Bay Dark Fantasy Review + Swatches

Hi everyone! Beauty Bay have launched another palette in their 20 shade format. It’s called the Dark Fantasy palette and it retails at their usual price of €17. So let’s get into the review.

Beauty Bay’s official photos are usually not great. The shimmers look completely flat and overall washed out which doesn’t do the palette justice. The packaging reminds me a lot of the Matrix and 90s sci-fi.

Unfortunately, mine arrived with letting partially missing. It seems to be from misprinting and not wear. It’s not a big deal for me but I thought I’d mention it.

As always, two swipes over makeup Revolution cut crease primer.

Natural lighting
Phone brightness turned down

Most of the shimmers are the standard ultra sparkly wet- looking formula but Source and Nightmare are more standard metallics with a much formula and very little sparkle. I really like that they included a silver. It’s kind of difficult finding silvers in palettes these days especially one so high-shine.

Some of my pans also had glitter fallout from ‘Virtual’. I’m not a big fan of mattes with glitter and this is no exception. The glitter doesn’t show up and it’s just redundant in my opinion.

I used the shades Slime and Spaced; and Grime and Machine on my lid. Code is my inner corner highlight.

My blush is a mix of Lime Crime shadows and my highlighter is Aura, also from Lime Crime. My lipstick is Prime Time from Propa Beauty.


Last year’s palette was Age of Opulence. I wanted to compare the two because I could see some similarities. However after swatching, there’s very little in common. The only similar shades are the navy and black mattes, even the purple mattes are very different. ‘Decadent’ might be similar to ‘Source’ but that’s about it with regards to shimmers.


It’s a shame these releases are limited edition. I actually think now that Age of Opulence, released last year, was one of the best palettes in the past few years. I wish they’d rerelease it.

If you have any of the previous Beauty Bay permanent palettes, especially the Earthy 42, you’ll have similar colours. I’ve also seen this compared the mmMitchell collaboration that was out a few years ago.

Fav Shades: Grime, Hack and Slime

Least fav: Nightmare, Virtual


  • Versatile colour story
  • Nice shimmers and pigmented mattes
  • Affordable


  • Matte black with glitter
  • Limited Edition
  • Defect lettering on my palette

Thanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “Beauty Bay Dark Fantasy Review + Swatches

  1. Thanks for this review, i just bought the Dark fantasy one and it also made me think about the Age of opulence haha , glad they are not that similar

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  2. This is the most tempting (for me) Beauty Bay palette they’ve released so far. If I didn’t have such a nightmarish experience ordering from them last time, I’d have bought it. Such a pretty color story and I love how sparkly it looks on your eyes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sorry that happened, I’ve heard that Beauty bay customer service is atrocious. I’m lucky I haven’t had any issues but it seems like it’s hit or miss if things go smoothly. BB formula is good but you’re not missing out, it’s just very limited here with what brands we can get. I love the look of the Melt Zodiac palettes! 😍

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      1. Yes, they are super appealing (the Melt). I still couldn’t get the Dark Fantasy palette out of my head though and with a 30% off discount (which would essentially make the shipping free), I decided to give BB one more chance. Guess we’ll find out how it goes in a few weeks! lol.

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