Palettes I Would Buy If I Didn’t Have So Many – Part 2

Hi everyone! This year I bought a LOT of palettes. 2022 has been heavy on the eyeshadow launches so I thought I’d do a follow up to my first post of some more products I’d buy if my collection wasn’t so big.

I wanted to do another part to my last post which you can read here (

Link to Chic Geek’s video:

For holiday, Pat McGrath released a stunning collection featuring a lot of products. Two of which were quint palettes. I absolutely love the look of the Bronze Bliss colourway. The colour choices are basic metal tones but the result is really effective. I’ve heard good things about the formula too. I think this would be great for anyone who doesn’t hoard makeup. I also think this would be a fantastic gift for any makeup wearer who likes eyeshadow.

Danessa Myricks has released several Lightwork palettes but Lightwork IV has to be my favourite launch from her. There’s lots of very rich, beautiful black-based jewelled multichromes, two stunning toppery shades, two pans of her signature chrome flakes that are just so multidimensional and textured; and finally, two water activated liners that complement everything else.

Now that I’ve ran out of adjectives, unfortunately this is just too expensive at the moment. It works out cheaper to buy the palette than multichromes from indie brands though. I’m unsure if this is limited edition but the other ones sold out very quickly.

Huda releases a holiday palette every year, usually they’re pretty neutral. Last year though, it was all purple. This year’s seems like a return to a solid neutral leaning colour story. I almost bought this after seeing swatches but I had to remind myself that I only really like the first three rows and I would find myself never using the other three. The cream eyeshadows that double as eyeliners are a nice touch but realistically, I probably wouldn’t use them that much.

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4 thoughts on “Palettes I Would Buy If I Didn’t Have So Many – Part 2

  1. The Danessa and Huda palettes are ones that I want badly as well, but talked myself out of getting. The Pat Mcgrath palette (Bronze Bliss) I couldn’t resist though, but they’re really behind on order fulfillment and inventory issues, so there’s a “two week or more” delay and hasn’t shipped yet. We really do have similar tastes lol.

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